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100% Homeopathic Complete Wellbeing

Mark Pooley, FIDiagE, FRSPH, FIACE, PG Dip. Bioregulatory Medicine and Homeotherapuetics, MBRCP, MBSBM, MSocHAT

Benefits are that it is completely 100% natural and comes in drop form which means there are no injections required.

Complete Wellbeing Anti-Ageing Formula helps with the following:
Increased physical Stamina, Weight loss with decreased body fat, Increased lean muscle, Faster metabolism, Stronger bones and increased bone density, Lower cholesterol, Better quality sleep, Improves sexual function, Helps restore muscle mass, Thickens skin, Increases hair growth, Sharpens vision, Restores size of internal organs, Improves mental cognition, Uplifts mood, Boosts cardic output, Strengthens immune system, Increased results from exercise

By Holistic Remedies U.K

Homeopathic Wellbeing

30ml bottles are £35. 50ml bottles are £45
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