Hair Analysis

Tests carried out cover the Energetic status of 40 Major Organs, Nutritional Assessment, Allergies, Toxicity & Heavy Metals, Metabolic Disturbance, Dental Profile, Parasites & Infections, Vertebral Profile, Food Intolerances, Mineral & Vitamin Deficiencies, Hormonal Imbalances, Environmental Sensitivity, Neurotransmitter Disturbance, Behavioural & Emotional Issues.

As long as you send me a few hairs you can take them from anywhere, by cutting, pulling, or combing hair, and just put them into a clean plastic bag (separate bags for each subject) and label them with each subjects name, date of birth and sex please. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FORM WHICH MUST ACCOMPANY THE HAIR SAMPLE – A separate completed form is needed for each sample.
Send to: 107 Clarkson Road, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR32 3NX and please make cheques payable to Marvach Holistic Remedies.

If you are interested in having a hair test done then the test is ONLY £35 within the UK and 40 elsewhere. If you would like a supplement to help the body with the test findings please add another £10 to your payment. If you require further details please contact me. PLEASE NOTE THAT TESTS CAN, IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES, TAKE UP TO 21 WORKING DAYS FROM THE DAY OF RECEIPT.